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Tip-Top Molds, located in Guangming, Shenzhen bordering with Hong Kong. We have built lots of precision injection molds for years for oversea customers.

Our customers are widely located in US and Europe.

Tip-Top Molds are good at Auto Unscrewing Plastic Mold, Over-mold, 2-Shot Mold, Collapsible-insert Plastic Mold, Hot Runner Plastic Mold, Gas-Assistant Plastic Mold, 2-step Slider Plastic Mold, Cavity-Lifter Plastic Mold, 3-plate Mold and Silicone Mold .

Tip-Top Molds have a young, skilled and happy team. Our team are smart and hard-working! Each member would try his or her best to contribute to their jobs.


Why these customers have stayed with Tip-Top for years? Because we are one of their most dependable injection mold suppliers! We always meet our customers' request!


Tip-Top Molds would be one of your best suppliers on injection molds if you come to us. I believe both sides will be benefited from our . Our advantages are quick response, on-time delivery with outstanding quality, at a competitive price!


Happy Team    We not only work hard, but also enjoy our leisure time.

Our Customers


Iris Chen
Tel: 86-755-2717-9067
Skype: irischen112
Add: 1/F, Hengshou Building, #12, District B,Liantang Industrial Park, Shangcun, Gongming, Guangming, Shenzhen, China

Email:? sales@t2molds.com

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